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Copper Leafing

Copper , Gold and Silver were the metal of the elite and the royal. Beautiful Leafing was done on these lustrous metals and thus evolved The Gold Leafing Studio .Since then hundreds of years have passed .Today we cater to homes, hotels and offices, while beautifying nonliving objects and giving them a boon of eternal life. Precious Copper Metal Leafing on Religious Monuments, Royal Palaces and Antiques that speaks of the Golden era.

Artistic Leafing

Engraving Bespoke Designs leafed with Artistic Touch and then you relive an entire era at your home and office. Or simply become the fan of modern art, while giving your customized ideation to us and we shall bring your idea to life.

Catalogue Series

In This segment Gold, Silver, Copper, Gunmetal are the textures. And of course you could easily keep asking for more indulgence.

The categories vary according to their exclusivity ranging from, The Prestige Leafing Collection to Fine Art Leafing Collection. TGLS offers a wide range with accordance to taste and preference of the consumers.

It’s about time, soon your world shall transform and that’s a promise from the house of artisans whose generations have been crafting the essence called Leafing.


Since the beginning of time Precious Elements have fascinated mankind .Precious Elements have created stories. One such story is written by Leafing Gold, Silver, Copper, Champagne and Antique. This is the Brand Story of TGLS narrated by the Artisans and the Architects of the Present Era.